CADMAN CORP is a sixteen-year-old company that is one of the pioneering companies of the Electronic Document Management (EDM) industry.  Headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California, Cadman's EDM products are endorsed by Fortune 1000 companies worldwide, and its newest products are breaking the barriers for small and mid-sized companies to automate their businesses. 

CADMAN CORP offers a full line of EDM products for both large and small companies that need to manage Engineering and Manufacturing related documents. It's ViewPort+ EDM system supports popular 2D and 3D CAD formats, and is supplied with it's own built-in database.

With the introduction of its ViewPort+ Web EDM system in 2001, and the introduction of its new data transport technology called Viewport Streaming Technology in 2002, CADMAN CORP has positioned itself to meet the ever evolving needs of its customers in a world where the Internet has become the super highway to the future.


Founded in 1985 by the President Delton J. Rowe, CADMAN Computers was one of the first VARS in the then emerging CAD/CAM industry to sell desktop CAD systems.  In 1987 the company was renamed to CADMAN CORP when it merged with Tri-Century Engineering, a computer-aided design bureau catering to the Aerospace industry.  Through the 90's the consolidated companies provided both manpower and software solutions to the manufacturing industry, and over time have gradually shifted emphasis from a services orientated business, to a software orientated business.

Today CADMAN CORP is a premier developer of cutting-edge software solutions providing e-commerce products for an ever increasingly computerized world.  In the coming years CADMAN CORP hopes to lead the charge with its web based Document Management Systems and its new online Communication and Collaboration products. CADMAN's original logo depicting the futuristic vision of a robot at a drafting board still symbolizes the vision of this company, and the ever changing world we live in.






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