BlueĆngel™ Reader

 Powerful PDF Viewer for PDM, MRP and EDM Users

View, print and add notes to PDF files with the new BlueĆngel Reader.  This viewer provides similar functionality to Adobe's Acrobatź Reader plus it includes many other customizable features that are not available with other PDF viewers.


EnterPrise Edition

Powered By
ActiveX Technology


Advanced Functionality

  • BlueĆngel may be operated as a standalone PDF viewer, or, as an Integrated Browser Plug-in viewer (just like Acrobat Reader).  Both forms of the program are included with every copy of BlueĆngel that is purchased and installed.

  • Standard features include thumbnail and bookmark navigation, printing, advanced paging, zooming, panning, scrolling, image rotation, gray-scaling, 16m color display, email linking, popup short-cuts, full text search and notes.

  • Intuitive menus and toolbars make BlueĆngel far easier to use than the overly complicated nested menus and dialogs found in PDF viewers such as Acrobat Reader.  

  • BlueĆngel has been code optimized for online application sharing when used with the Collaboration PowerPak.  With this capability two or more people can simultaneous review the same PDF document online.

  • Advanced ActiveX design provides an open architecture which is easy to customize. This means that web designers with VB or C++ programming skills can easily integrate BlueĆngel functionality into their own applications.  (Documentation for the API along with source code samples are included with the purchase of every Site License.)

  • Coming Soon!  Advanced markup facility which includes support for CAD-like entities such as lines, splines, arcs, circles, ellipses, leaders, highlight, text and symbols.  (This feature will be offered as a Free upgrade to all customers participating in the Annual Maintenance Plan.)

  • Coming Soon!  Full integration with Cadman's PDFware Plug-ins which provide advanced features such as tiled printing, bird's eye viewing, distance/area measurements, and file ID. (These plug-in features will be offered as a Free upgrade to all customers participating in the Annual Maintenance Plan.)

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