Collaboration and Application Sharing made EASY!

The Collaboration PowerPak™ includes a suite of utilities that facilitate point-to-point Video Conferencing, Application Sharing, Whiteboard, Chat and many other useful communication features.  All of these communication features are controlled by an advanced NEW user interface which is integrated into a desktop toolbar called NetMeeting BackPak™.  Complete details of everything that's included in this remarkable software package are provided below.


Realtime Communication

The Collaboration PowerPak™ combines Microsoft’s NetMeeting® and AT&T’s Virtual Network Computing (VNC) into a single low cost software package.  The
features and capabilities provided in this integrated software package include:

Advanced User Interface
The biggest advantage of using Collaboration PowerPak is its advanced new user interface called, NetMeeting BackPak.  Shown at left, NetMeeting BackPak is a auto hiding desktop toolbar which allows users to maximize the available space on their desktop.  
With NetMeeting BackPak all online meeting settings and controls that need to be monitored are easily accessible, making online conferencing as natural as calling someone on the telephone.  Unlike the telephone, however, there’s no charge for making long distance calls when using NetMeeting BackPak on the Internet !
NetMeeting BackPak's
most popular features include:

Getting Started - Before, During & After Meetings


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