New Streaming Technology
Delivers Electronic Documents
3-to-10 times Faster !

BlueÅngel™ Reader

BlueAngel Reader is an ActiveX viewer for PDF files which provides similar functionality to Adobe's Acrobat® Reader.  This product includes both a standalone viewer as well as a browser plug-in which works with both IE and Netscape V4 and higher.
When purchased as a Site License BlueÅngel is shipped along with documentation for it's Application Programming Interface (API) which allows customers to embed PDF viewing, printing and markup functionality in their own applications..

Collaboration PowerPak

The Collaboration PowerPak makes online collaboration and application sharing easy! The PowerPak is based on a new desktop toolbar called the NetMeeting BackPak that acts as the user interface to Microsoft's real-time communication system. This toolbar greatly simplifies user interaction when collaborating and sharing applications with others online. 

PDFware™ Plug-In Bundle

Enhance Acrobat V4 and V5 with a 6-pack of plug-ins that greatly enhance the ability of users to view and print large format Engineering and Architectural drawings. 

ViewPort+® Plug-In

This browser based plug-in allows you to view web based files that have been converted to the revolutionary new MIME type called, Viewport Streaming Format (.VSF). This ground breaking technology dramatically increases the speed by which documents of all types and formats can be downloaded and viewed from a web server.  
You can try it out right now!   First install the plug-in and then view the sample files catalog located on this web site.  You can alternatively view sample files using the search engine interface by clicking here.

ViewPort+® Classic EDMS

This product breaks down the cost and technical barriers for companies that want to implement an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). The ViewPort+ Classic EDMS system includes viewers for viewing most raster and vector based image formats, and comes with its own portable database that makes file management a breeze. 
Client-server versions of ViewPort+ Classic EDMS (starting at $3,995) can support up to 100 floating licenses per server.  Supported operating systems on the server include Windows, Novell, and UNIX.

System Requirements
1 All workstation products support Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
2 PC-NFS is required for administration when running on a UNIX Server.

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