PDFware Plug-In's
For Acrobat V4.05 and newer

Get all of the Plug-In's below for $199.95 per seat

Upgrade Acrobat with 6 plug-ins that greatly enhance the ability of users to view and print large format Engineering and Architectural drawings.  PDFware Plug-ins are ideally suited for users of PDM, MRP and EDM Systems.

Print View Plug-in - $99.95 per seat

This plug-in allows you to print zoomed-in views on large images, and to print large drawings in tiled pieces on small printers such as LaserJet printers.  Suppliers and machine shops that receive drawings in PDF format electronically will especially find this to be an essential tool! 


Popup Tools Plug-In - $19.95 per seat

With Popup Tools you can quickly launch and display your favorite utility while viewing PDF files in Acrobat. This tool can be easily customized and used by novice users, and even expert users will appreciate the time it saves them searching for programs they frequently use while viewing PDF files. 

Yardstick Plug-in - $49.95 per seat

Make measurements on any PDF image, map, or drawing.  This plug-in allows the user to calibrate an image and to accurately measure lengths and angles on that image.  The plug-in automatically calculates the center of gravity on mechanical parts, plus it's an essential tool for measuring building plans and distances on maps. 

PDFmail Plug-in - $29.95 per seat

This plug-in launches your default email application and attaches the current PDF file to an email message, ready to send.  This is an essential tool for heavy email users who need to quickly and conveniently send PDF files to co-workers or suppliers. 

File Info Plug-in - $9.95 per seat

This plug-in can be used to display the details about a file, including its location, size, last modified date, and to also display its PDF related properties such as title, subject and author.  Definitely an essential tool for any company running a Document Management System based on PDF files. 

Bird's Eye Plug-in - $49.95 per seat

The Bird's Eye plug-in gives you an aerial view (e.g. an overall view) of a large Engineering drawing while viewing a particular zoomed-in area on the drawing. This is a feature which is found in many high-end CAD systems, and a feature that both Engineers and Architects alike will find to be most helpful when viewing large complex drawings.  

PDFware™  Plug-in Bundle - $199.95 per seat

Your get all of the above plug-ins for the one low price of $199.95 when you purchase this plug-in bundle.  Quotations for Site Licenses are also available upon request. 

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