Collaboration PowerPak  

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Collaboration PowerPak™
provides real-time communication and application sharing, with voice, data and video conferencing.  This communication system is a tool that both novice and advanced users will find convenient and natural to use.


Video and Audio Conferencing
Collaboration PowerPak audio and Video conferencing features let you communicate with anyone in the office or on the web.


The whiteboard lets you collaborate in real time with others via graphic information.

Chat lets you conduct real-time conversations via text, with several people simultaneously.

Internet Directory
The Internet Directory is a locator service that runs on a Microsoft IIs Web Server.  It is used to locate and connect to other people on the Internet.

Program Sharing
NetMeeting's Program Sharing feature lets you flexibly share multiple programs during a conference and retain greater control over the way they're used.


File Transfer
File transfer lets you send one or more files in the background during a NetMeeting conference.

Remote Desktop Sharing
Remote Desktop Sharing lets you operate a computer from a remote location using AT&T's Virtual Network computing (VNC).

NetMeeting uses three types of security measures to protect your privacy.

Advanced Calling
This feature gives you the flexibility to send a mail message to a NetMeeting user or initiate a NetMeeting call directly from your mail address book.

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