ViewPort+® Classic EDMS

New Streaming Technology Delivers Electronic Documents
3-to-10 times Faster !

ViewPort+® Classic is a client-server based Electronic Document Management (EDM) system which has been in use by Fortune 1000 companies Worldwide for more than 15 years.  First released in 1987, ViewPort+ has become the product of choice by both large and small companies that need to provide their employees with cost effective access to Engineering and Manufacturing documents.
 Classic was designed for use on LANs and WANs that run Novell, Windows NT, Windows 200x, or Windows XP, but it can also be loaded on UNIX based servers that run PC-NFS.  All software components for ViewPort+ Classic are installed on the server, and all that networked workstations need in-order to use the software is a desktop short-cut that points to ViewPort+'s main executable on the server.  Licensing is controlled by an embedded floating license manager that supports 3, 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 current users depending on a company’s size and requirements.



Viewers included with ViewPort+ Classic provide support for most popular 2D and 3D CAD/CAM formats, and its built-in database supports 100,000+ files without the need to purchase and manage a 3rd party database such as SQL Server.  Other distinguishing features found in ViewPort+ Classic include:

  • Unsurpassed automation and batch processing capabilities

  • Exceptional performance (10x faster than most competitive products)

  • Advanced markup, stamping, hot link and measurement functionality

  •  Superior printing functionality including batch printing and tiled printing   

New Streaming Technology paves the way to the future
ViewPort+ Classic includes support for a revolutionary new MIME type called ViewPort Streaming Format (.VSF).  This new MIME type dramatically increases the speed by which documents of all types and formats can be transported across a network.  Viewport Streaming Format was originally introduced and optimized for the transport of files across the Internet via TCP/IP, but its low bandwidth and fast loading characteristics are equally beneficial when used with other networking protocols and topographies. Some of its key benefits are:

  • Files that are converted to .VSF format take up 50% less disk space on average.

  • The multi-threaded transport of files converted to .VSF format allows files to be transported 3-to-10 times faster over a network.

  • Since any file format can be converted to .VSF, only this one MIME type needs to be registered on a user's PC.  This single MIME type approach allows any type of file to easily be viewed from a Browser which is equipped with the ViewPort+ Plug-in. 

  • Customers can setup and use both the LAN and Web based versions of ViewPort+ on the same server at the same time.

Last but not least, ViewPort+ Classic EDMS includes software hooks for easy integration with existing MRP, ERP, PDM and EDM systems, and can easily be configured to work with 3rd party viewers including viewers based on ActiveX, Java and .NET. These features as well as many others make it a potent tool worth considering when evaluating document management solutions.  Just click here to download a fully functional evaluation version that you can test drive yourself.  

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